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Birsch Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of cleaning supplies and office products. We've been in business since 1964, building a clientele by serving the needs of our customers. Our current clients include schools, churches, correctional facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, Environmental Services Contractors, janitorial contractors, industrial contractors, restaurants, and many federal agencies, including all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Our mission is to provide the best combination of quality products, service, and savings. To us, 'Service' means responding to problems promptly, providing training and technical support to all our customers, and delivering products on time. We also invest a lot of time and energy into staying on the cutting edge of technology. There are always new and better products being developed that help people to "clean smarter, not harder." We communicate with people to find the mixture of products and services that meet the demands of their budgets. We're interested in long-term relationships with clients that make their spaces better places in which to work. Contact us to put our experience to work on your problems.

We invite you to look over our catalog of products. If there is something you want that you don't see, or you need more specific information about any of our products, you can send us an email at, or call us toll free at 1-888-622-0356.

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For Chemical Emergencies, Spills, Leaks, Fires, Exposure,
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